Saturday, October 5, 2013

On notice: Denzel Curry - 'Nostalgic 64' (Mixtape)

I realize I'm about a month past due on this project from 18-year-old Denzel Curry, but I made sure to re-visit it to share for myself. Nostgalgic 64 dropped at the top of September, leaving considerable impressions with Curry's rapid, raw flows. There's an energy from the South Florida native that goes trap on songs like "Dark & Violent", "Talk That Sh*t", and "Zone 3"; even "N64", which features Curry's most crafted bars and snippets from the Trayvon Martin trial. He may surprise you with a semi-frantically effective flow on "Benz", or slowing down and forming melodies in "A Day in the Life of Denzel Curry Pt. 2". If you're as new to this kid as I am, hit the jump and check out some of the cuts from Nostalgic 64, and stream the tape in full here.

Martin S. @marley_mcfly

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