Friday, February 7, 2014

[ON NOTICE] Mick Jenkins - 'Trees & Truths' (MIXTAPE)

The city of Chicago continues to produce an array of styles and talents, but this one had me pleasantly surprised. Jenkins plays on biblical motifs with the theme of his Trees & Truths project, which dropped early last year but just reached my ears two weeks ago. From the artwork to the Adam and Eve rendition on "The Knowledge of Good and Evil" you acquire the context of Jenkins' prescribed motif. This isn't Christian rap, but at some level, it might be considered empowerment rap. Mellow, jazzy textures supplement Jenkins' alto flow and thorough narrations. With Trees & Truths comes a sense of soothing sincerity, sit-back-and-relax-raps, and an admired consistency in theme and approach. Check out the project with the option for download below.

- Martin (@marley_mcfly)

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