Sunday, September 9, 2012

Song Feature: "I Found Love"

As I was listening to rapper Big Sean's new Detroit mixtape, I spotted a Barry White sample on his song, "How It Feel". The sample comes from the song, "Hung Up in Your Love" by Barry White, a jazzy record from his 1979 album The Message is Love. If you enjoy Barry White like I do, the album is a must listen/download. When I gave the album a listen I came across a smooth, funky record that could make your grandmother start two-stepping. "I Found Love" is my song feature for this week. This is the kind of song you wake up to in the morning. The kind of song you sing at karaoke. The kind of song you blast at ignorant levels while cleaning your room. Barry White's soulful vocals are accompanied by upbeat, vintage instrumentals that make for a blissful listening experience. Most of all, Barry White gives us a celebratory proclamation in musical form, depicting a euphoric imagery of one who has found love, with soulful delivery and swagger. It would be wise to have this song in your listening arsenal, so check it out below. I've also included the download link for Barry White's The Message is Love album.

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