Friday, March 14, 2014

Juicy J & Project Pat - #NeverSobertour in NYC [VIDEOS + REVIEW]

Every event has it's own theme, and this one was pretty simple: party has hard as you need to.

Juicy J and Project Pat made their stop on the Never Sober Tour at Irving Plaza in New York City on Wednesday night, calling together an adamant, widespread fan base that doesn't mind turning up on a week night. Without my photographer/videographer, I arrived about a half hour after the doors opened, early enough to make customary rounds of interaction with my fellow audience members. In my section was about seven white guys, (one of which was from Memphis and had never seen Juicy J live before, the other six in casual business attire) a 19-year-old kid who forgot his fake, and several girls. Word got around that Travis Scott would not be opening as previously scheduled, which seemed to be a general let down, especially for yours truly. Hit the jump for my candid timeline of the Never Sober Tour in New York on Monday night, which included free sneaker giveaways, girls twerking on stage, (two) fans passing out, mosh pit shoving contests, Juicy sharing champagne with the audience, and much more.

The night started with a set from Vinny Cha$e and friends, all of whom were loaded with their own reefer ammunition, adding to an already fumed atmosphere. Most notable was their set for Cha$e's "Biggie & Jordans", which was on his Golden Army mixtape from 2012.


Next up was Project Pat, who kicked off his set with one of his Memphis anthems, "North North", which was featured on his Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin' mixtape all the way back in 2001.


Juicy J hit the stage around 10:30 and kicked off with the first cut on his Stay Trippy album, "Stop It":


Change of scenery for "All I Blow is Loud":


Thumbing through "So Much Money":


I think the consensus would be that this was the most anticipated segment of Juicy's set, going Three 6 Mafia and directing us as the choir singing "Stay Fly", followed by his verse a cappella and a segue into the hysteric, indisputable "Slob on my Knob":


Okay, an argument could be made for "A Zip And A Double Cup" too:


Or, obviously, "Bandz A Make Her Dance":


Finally, Juicy takes an intermission to quench the thirst of a fan in the front row, with champagne: 


Other key highlights from Monday night were the sneaker giveaways: both Project Pat and Juicy J threw out shoeboxes of new Jordan sneakers into the crowd. Juicy eventually threw in a pair of Yeezy's as well. Sometimes finding a good party can be difficult. Look no further than the Never Sober Tour. 

Grade: B-

- Martin S (@marley_mcfly)

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