Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Recommended: Lucki Eck$ - 'Alternative Trap'

Rap fans take notice to the nonchalant presence of the best young MC I've encountered from Chicago. 17-year-old Lucki Eck$ dropped his 'Alternative Trap' project this past June, which just reached my ears yesterday. Aside from fluent production and distinctive sounds, this young lyricist has a drowsy wordplay that can sometimes mask his devious metaphors if you don't listen intently. The content is explicitly genuine; production from the likes of Hippie Dream, Nate Fox, Plu2o Nash, and others help execute the presentation of his concept (alternative trap). Watching his video might help paint the visual, but I think the sound speaks for itself. Check out 'Alternative Trap' below and the video for "Everything Outside". 

Notable Tracks: "No Troubles", "Everything Outside", "Cocaine Woman", "Alternative Trouble", "Count On Me", "Nicky Wilson"


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