Saturday, January 4, 2014

Favorites Verses & Songs of 2013



1. Kanye West- "Black Skinhead" (Yeezus) - Kanye + Daft Punk = MAGIC. For a rapper to rap his ass off on a trance rock sounding track is amazing. For it to be this good is flat out brilliant.

2. Drake- "Hold On, We’re Going Home" (Nothing Was The Same) - The fact that he can do this is incredible. As close to a perfect song as it gets. Shouts to Majid Jordan.

3. James Blake- "Retrograde" (Overgrown) - Some of the best lyrics + production I’ve ever heard. James does not miss very often. This track is fucking awesome.

4. Disclosure feat. Jessie Ware- "Confess to Me" (Settle) - This embodied 2013’s most overused phrase “Turn Up”.

5. Chance The Rapper- "Pusha Man" (Acid Rap) - The first half of this song display lyrical prowess; the second half is as powerful a perspective ive heard in rap this year while still being really fucking good.

6. Partynextdoor- "TBH" (PARTYNEXTDOOR) - He flexed hard on this joint. Great ballad wish it was way longer. (pause)

7. Beyonce feat. Drake- "Mine" (Beyonce) - I know it’s early, but the amount of times I’ve listened to this song is sickening. Gets the nod based on volume.

8. Travi$ Scott feat. A$AP Ferg- "Uptown" (Owl Pharoah) - Credits should also say featuring Wonda Gurl who made this monstrous beat. I don’t think any trap track really fucked with this one here.

9. Daft Punk- "Get Lucky" (Random Access Memories) - I mean… Come on

10. Robin Thicke- "Blurred Lines" (Blurred Lines) - See #9


1. Kendrick Lamar - "Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe Remix"- Verse 2- Nobody rapped this well in 2013.. NOBODY

2. Drake- "Versace" - I almost don’t wont to put this because of the stolen flow but Migos couldn’t have done this in their wildest dreams.

3. Earl Sweatshirt- "PRE" (Doris)- “Im a problem to n*ggas”

4. Jay Z - "Beach is Better" (MCHG) - Quick spaz Hov

5. "Pusha Man"- (Acid Rap) - Chance the Rapper- Verse 3- Social spazzing

6. BET Cypher- Kendrick Lamar- Ask Marley about that conviction.

7. Jodeci Freestyle- J. Cole- Yes Cole, this is what we want.

8. "On Sight"- (Yeezus) - Verse 1- No one did this other than Ye this year.

9. "Numbers on the Boards" (MNIMN) - Pusha T- Verse 1- “Might have to headbutt ya evelynnnn.. BALLERS”

10. "Control"- Kendrick Lamar- Certainly not his best verse but maybe his most important. Our kids will talk about that Control verse. 


Wale feat. Sam Dew: “LoveHate Thing” (The Gifted)
Between the Marvin Gaye sample and Dew’s vocals it stuck with me. I really enjoyed bumping this in the car last summer, for soul.

Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell: “Blurred Lines” (Blurred Lines)
“Everybody get up”. Too much bass. Too much funk. Robin snapping. Best song of 2013.

Deptford Goth: “Feel Real” (Life After Defo)
Fell in love with this when I saw him and his experimental choir do this in an empty church (watch here). Still can’t get enough.

Kanye West: “New Slaves” (Yeezus)
The projection; the message; the riot.

Nipsey Hussle feat. Sade & James Fauntleroy: "If U Were Mine" (Crenshaw)
You can't sample Sade like this and not be on my list.


Jay Z – “Beach is Better” (MCHG)
I could care less how short it was. What 44-year-old man do you know that can trap like this with Mike Will? I literally resonate with the Darby/1 Oak bar and the Richard Pryor reference was just.... UGH.

Earl Sweatshirt – “PRE” (Doris)
One of my favorite Earl verses ever. SK brings him in proper, and Earl comes in and absolutely eats from jump with that continual, tangled flow. “Pop artillery the carbon is with ‘em/STARVIN’ to hit em”

Drake – “PMM2” (Nothing Was The Same)
This was one of the attitude moments on the album. The transition from “Pound Cake” is phenomenal and the background chatter provides the perfect kind of banquet hall context for Drake to enter, “Fuck all that happy to be here shit that y’all want me on…” Peep how he keeps the list going from, “Like I should fall in line” for several bars. You have to feel him on this one.

Issa Gold – “Melody of the Free” (Lords of Flatbush)
I never forgot about this verse all year. Issa Gold has the second verse and is clearly “fueled by prophecy” when he spits gritty and uplifting over choral segments.

Kendrick Lamar – “BET Cypher Freestyle”
I don’t believe that anyone else in rap right now could have made me feel like a student in class while pacing around and pointing in the camera with such conviction and forthrightness the way Kendrick Lamar did on this verse. Lord have mercy.

Nicki Minaj – “I B On Dat” (Dreamchasers 3)
Not the first time Nicki had my favorite verse on another rapper’s song, but the fact of the matter is I mobbed out to this trap-studded flow too many times in the club last year to not show her love when she lets the semi off like this.

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