Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Song Feature: Thom Yorke - "Atoms for Peace"

So.. with the iOs 7 update I was forced to get rid of a bunch of music off of my phone in order to create enough space for the software to download. This forced me to go through my library and put music back on once the update was completed. In scrolling through my library, I came across this and my eyes lit up as if I had never heard this album before; but I had and I loved it. In reconnecting with Thom Yorke's first solo project I was reintroduced to the song Atoms For Peace, which actually has since become the band name for Yorke's non-Radiohead work. The song starts with a fuzzy, vinyl popping drum loop behind an incredibly catchy synth melody. Then comes Thom doing what Thom does, EATING. The chorus is simply, "I want you to get and make it work.. So many lies, so many lies, so many lies", but it is as potent as any other hook i've ever heard. Reflective would be a good word to describe the overall mood and feeling of the song. Whatever the case, it is something that you (yes YOU) should be listening at one point or another in life. Hit the jump and check it out. Peace
-L.Reels- @L_Reels919

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