Thursday, July 25, 2013

On Notice: Party Next Door - 'PARTYNEXTDOOR'

Our WHAT WE HEAR team would like to divert your attention to one of the freshest R&B installments so far this year. The 19-year-old Canada native and OVO Sound member released his first full project at the top of this month, consisting of ten songs that display a wide range of suave textures, vocal valiance and versatility, and a generally unique style. "Welcome to The Party" makes a delicate yet demonstrative entrance, followed by more of a gritty flow with songs like "Wild B*tches" and "Make a Mil", not without their channeled riffs and trap-esque production schemes. He's able to deliver more mellow tones on "Relax With Me" while sticking to his forward sexual innuendos. "Right Now" embellishes those vibes with the opening hook, "You can be his forever baby, but tonight you mine", following harmonious cadences and adjustable delivery throughout. 

The shadowy, mysterious sounds with reverbs and that vintage OVO Sound can make Party Next Door seem like a deliberately concocted Drake/The Weeknd blend, but this young vocalist employs his own distinct and seasoned deliveries, saxophone serenities, and assuringly genuine vocal chords. Check out my personal favorites from this self-titled project, which in my opinion, puts another OVO representative on the fore front with a full and promising repertoire. 

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